Saturday, May 12, 2012

We Moved:

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Same Blog, same content, new look!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Packing up: see you on the other side

{image credit: blue dreams revisited}

Ok everyone...our mini hiatus is over and we are over the moon with what is to come. We took the week off to make some major changes that we hope you will love as much as we do. We are changing platforms and we have given the blog a new fresh look. There will be more detail on what we went through this week on ...THE NEW BLOG!!

It will be the same blog, same name and the same content...just better!

The most important things for us is that all of you come along for the ride and meet us on the other side. Sadly we decided to move out of blogger but we think that it will be for the better. It is bitter sweet since this is where we started back when we were still Pink Peony. There is only moving forward from here.

Starting tomorrow you will be re-directed to our new .com site. We hope to see you all there for a visit. Please stop by and say hi or even a "follow" would be nice =)

See you on the other side tomorrow lovelies!!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink Wedding! {Reminiscing}

Before we began Lambs & Kings, we coordinated wedding events for lovely couples with lovely weddings. Last year, we had the pleasure of coordinating a drop dead gorgeous wedding in Aptos, Ca at the the Pacific Estate and Vineyard. It was a  cute country chic estate that had a small vineyard and a large lawn and patio that overlooked the Santa Cruz mountain scenery. It was a perfect setting for vintage inspired chic wedding which is exactly what our clients were dreaming of. My bride is super creative and dreamt up the whole event and knew exactly what she wanted from the shades of pink, to the collected vintage glass, vintage typewriter guestbook, and tons of crafty projects! Everything was meticulously thought out.

We were so giddy to find out that this wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday!! Its not a surprise as the event was so beautiful and photog Stephan Pappas did a superb job capturing it and Nicole Ha created a beautiful feel with her stunning florals. The entire team was great. Head on over to Style me Pretty to see the FULL post and all the glorious images.

{all image credits to Stephan Pappas

This is just a small peek. Give them some love on the SMP site! Seeing these images reminds me how much fun we had doing weddings and working with all our awesome clients and vendors...seriously, all of them are awesome. We definitely do miss it. However, since we are super busy with the business re branding process, and the possibility of going back to school and/or starting a family, we had to put it on hold this year. We are planning to start styling events and doing prop design soon with the focus more on intimate events such as smaller/intimate weddings (such as this one), parties and showers and photo shoots. Stay tuned!

Do you have a wonderful eye catching wedding that you want to share?! Let us know!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Terrarium Update

As promised, we built our little terrarium this past weekend. The hubs and I have wanted to add some greenery to our home and given that the both of us do not a have a particularly green thumb, making a cute lovely terrarium was a great solution. Above is my first succulent terrarium... I'm super smitten over it! It now lives on one of our side tables in the living room next to a nice little window. I followed the diy from Birdhouse, which I mentioned last week. We used the open face terrarium bowl we bought from west elm because it had nice space to put different plants and it was easy to use with it's wide open face. I figure, its my first one so I need to make this as simple as possible.

I collected all my materials which included a glass container, pebbles, active charcoal (can get at a pet store. Its used in aquariums), succulent soil and an assortment of succulent plants.

It was pretty easy to make. First you put a layer of pebbles in, then mix in some active charcoal, put your soil on top of that mixture and then place your plants as you please...and voila!!

The total project cost me about $40 but I have all material to make up to 3 more terrariums ( i bought too many succulents and the bag of soil and carton of charcoal gives you a ton) so after I make those 3 it will come out to be about $10 a terrarium. This is definitely a budget friendly project that makes a lovely gift for someone or if you are just looking for a low maintenance way to add some lovely green to your home.

Hope you enjoyed our little project.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Soirees: Ombre Cake

{image found on Colin Cowie Weddings actual design by Maggie Austin Cake}

I am absolutely in love with this cake! I cant stop looking at it! the beautiful ruffles, the pink ombre....detailed flowers atop....Drooling. Right. Now!

I'm begging someone to please use this as inspiration for their wedding cake!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Grab Bag

friday grab bag

Our first Grab Bag Series! We have so many things to share  so why not just lay it all out there!? We collect all this awesomeness and eye candy while scouring the internet and making our way through our reader articles.... SO. MUCH. STUFF! No sense in keeping you waiting. Hopefully you like this new installment and come back to visit for our next GBS. We plan to do this grab bag series every few fridays. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get your hands Dirty: Terrarium

succulent terrarium

This weekend, I am planning on getting my hands a little dirty and doing some planting and gardening. On my to do list is finally making a succulent terrarium for the house. I'm trying to spruce up my green thumb and I'm thinking this low maintenance project will be the right start. I've scoured the Internet researching instruction, care tips, and creative ideas for a terrarium. Succulents have a such a special place in my heart and they always look so cute and lovely so I have decided to use succulents over other plants such as tillandsia (air plants). You can choose to do any kind of terrarium and from all the research I've done, it seems like the same type of materials are needed. Check them out below
what you need terrarium
Make the Terrarium your own by choosing a unique container. There are tons of options. I personally love cloches and West elm's wide selection of terrarium glassware.

As for the "How To", here is the diy that I am following from Birdhouse Diy + Design. I chose one that was simple and straightforward. Be sure to read the care and watering instructions. Very helpful! Feel free to share ones that have been successful for you. 

terrarium containers

Good luck! and Happy Planting!

UPDATE!! See our Finished terrarium from this weekend HERE


{All boards created by me}

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Bookshelf: Paris in Color

It took me all of 5 min from first seeing this book on pintrest, to going to amazon and hitting the "complete order" button....its mine!!!

Cant wait to dive in! oh and did I mention that it was only $12...yup!

Thank you Nichole Robertson for capturing one of my favorite cities this beautifully.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Wrap Around: Neon Belts

neon belts

Today I am wearing a  black and white print dress with a scoop neck bodice top and A-line skirt. I wanted to add some separation and definition by adding a belt and was looking for my bright Yellow belt...which unfortunately...I couldn't find!! So I settled for a braided brown leather belt instead. I hate compromising my outfit =( This made me come to think of where I can get some great bright colored belts since the only one had is nowhere to be found. I stumbled upon many amazing choices most of which are very affordable! I plan of scooping up most of these. enjoy AND.... HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Getaway: San Diego

This past weekend, the hubby and I escaped to our Home away from Home: San Diego. 

Beach time, waves and ocean breeze, shopping, foodie-ness, bright colored outfits, local art....was just what this girl needed.

We ate at a bunch of new places...SD is always popping up with newer and yummier places to sip and eat. We tried a cute brunch place called cafe chloe in downtown. One night we opted for a much needed dose of lucha libre mexican food. The other evening we chose Urban Solace for our wining and dining experience. This place is tucked away in trendy North park and has a great ambiance and wonderful food.  

I decided to try the pork belly entree and Daniel got the chicken and dumplings. We snacked on their cheddar biscuits with yummy herb butter....Those biscuits were amazing and my pork belly was the best I ever had. I would recommend this place for a great dinner out. We had a private table but they also promote communal dining where you can share a table with other smaller parties. We thought that, that was pretty fun. I have to point out that there was a glaring art piece of Ron Burgundy (Anchorman) behind the bar...this was actually my favorite part!


To end our night and walk off the wine, we strolled through the "Ray St. @ Night" art walk. and listened to  live indie music with their own dancing kids. All the art studios were open for any of our art viewing pleasures. I got really drawn to the geodes and rocks that were popping up in a lot of the galleries. I couldn't resist and bought a piece of green calcite which is the stone of "Letting go and moving on" and very cool piece of petrified wood which was collected and polished by artist "Orion Jewelry & Lapidary". He travels all over to collect pieces and cut and polish them to make dramatic pieces. The hubby was super sweet and bought me a handmade blue octopus patina necklace made by Zedena Designs. Her work was displayed in the Striving Artist Gallery where they showcase local artists. She actually made the octopus by hand by making her own mold. This piece is so fun and I love why Daniel thought of buying it for me. He says, an octopus reminds him of me because I am always doing so many things at once, have different projects going on and am able to balance it all. Such a sweety!

Check out our spoils from the Art walk below!! 

Isn't the octopus cute?! Such a fun weekend! San Diego will always be a home to us. So I hear the weather here in Northern Cali will be beautiful...Here's to another great weekend. What do you have planned?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Try it Out-fit: Long Cardigans and Shorts

cardigan over short inspiration

Pairing a long cardigan with some sexy and flattering shorts is perfect for spring. You get to show a little leg while staying demure and a little bit warmer up top (for those sometimes chilly+sunny days). I was inspired by OPs look pictured above (looove her) and hopefully you try this outfit style yourself. 

One tip: make sure the sweater hits below the hem of the shorts and pair with some demure heels...not too high.

I would love to wear a bold cardigan with some neutral shorts and blouse with a played down heal.

short+cardigan spring

Here are some pieces to help inspire your versions of this outfit

long cardigans


Have fun with it! Show some leg!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Instagram Blog Hop!

We're in ...our very first blog hop!
Join in and follow us. The rules are below!!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

What We Love: Home Edition

what we love home edition

Here are some great pieces I've found that have really sparked my fancy. I will be slowly trying to curate them one by one for the home as I try to save some moolah for all these goodies. First on my list is the number one item...Gold Flatware from West Elm!!

I was so excited to find these doggy bed duvets from Molly Mutt. They have such cute and stylish colors with great patterns you can coordinate with your home. The two pups are up for a new bed.

Click on the links below if you are interested in more info on any of these goodies.

Happy Friday my Lovelies! Have any special plans for the weekend? The hubby and I are traveling to San Diego for a little R&R. I would say "fun in the sun" but it seems like we can't escape the cold weather that is covering California. I tell you, I'm done with the cold weather....I'm sorry, I thought it was spring!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Join the Arm Party!

bracelet set 1

Who doesn't love a great arm party?! layer up your bling, add some color and get creative. Here are some awesome pieces that you can add to your collection to make an arm party to match any outfit and any mood. I love Tory Burch's leather wrap bracelets with the right amount of gold detail and color options...its perfect for layering and mixing with your chunky metals. Kate Spade has a vibrant array of bangles and bracelets. All of them look so chic and fun!

bracelet set 2

Forever 21 has so many bracelets and all at an affordable price. They range from tribal, to edgy, to modern and all under $10. Cant beat that. I love Stella and Dot's selection of arm candy as well. They have a ton of high end style with affordable price tags.

bracelet set 3

I'm sure you have all seen the friendship bracelet trend that has been going around...and for good reason! they are a great way to add an effortless and nostalgic feel to any fancy outfit and not to mention all the great diy projects that result in shop worthy pieces. If you don't have the time to make your own...head on over to Asos for some great selections. My favorites are pictured above.

If you've seen any of my instagram fav go to arm party pieces are my leather Tory Burch studded wrap and my vintage Monet chunky link bracelet. If I feel real spunky, I'll add my gold Michael Kors Classic watch to mix.

Do you have favorite pieces?


P.S. Sorry for all the weird single posts from polyvore last night...for some reason my blog was linked to my polyvore account so whenever I uploaded images to add to my boards for the upcoming blog posts, it would automatically post here...geez! glad I caught and fixed that!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In a Nutshell

Happy Friday everyone! For once this week has gone by super fast. I didn't get to post on Wednesday like I would have wanted to so this will be a double header Friday! The hubby and I got a lot done this past week and I think I actually did an adequate job documenting most of it. Here is to another fabulous weekend and hopefully a fabulous week.

1. Re-arranging our entry way console table. Some of my favorite books
2. Tulips at the farmers market
3. Whos-its and Whats-its galore at the Alameda Antique fair...which is HUGE!

1. My favorite snack: Garlic Naan with Pesto baked in the oven
2. Catching up on blog reading while waiting for an oil change
3. Our new brass Greek horse found at an antique store in
4. My winnings from the Alameda Antique fair: a pair of mini vases, pink oriental tea jar, art deco necklace, vintage glass drop earrings, pearl earrings, vintage Schick razor (hubby's cool find)
5. Our new favorite cheap snack in Berkeley...$2.00 ice cream sandwiches at Cream
6. Outside Cream. They have wonderful vegan cookies!

1. Rainbow chard at the Farmers market...picking up our essentials
2. Gold Angel cabinet handles from the Alameda Antique fair
3. Awesome vintage Typewriter
4. Brass Animals galore!
5. My new cute mini the malachite green!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

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