Thursday, April 5, 2012

In a Nutshell

Happy Friday everyone! For once this week has gone by super fast. I didn't get to post on Wednesday like I would have wanted to so this will be a double header Friday! The hubby and I got a lot done this past week and I think I actually did an adequate job documenting most of it. Here is to another fabulous weekend and hopefully a fabulous week.

1. Re-arranging our entry way console table. Some of my favorite books
2. Tulips at the farmers market
3. Whos-its and Whats-its galore at the Alameda Antique fair...which is HUGE!

1. My favorite snack: Garlic Naan with Pesto baked in the oven
2. Catching up on blog reading while waiting for an oil change
3. Our new brass Greek horse found at an antique store in
4. My winnings from the Alameda Antique fair: a pair of mini vases, pink oriental tea jar, art deco necklace, vintage glass drop earrings, pearl earrings, vintage Schick razor (hubby's cool find)
5. Our new favorite cheap snack in Berkeley...$2.00 ice cream sandwiches at Cream
6. Outside Cream. They have wonderful vegan cookies!

1. Rainbow chard at the Farmers market...picking up our essentials
2. Gold Angel cabinet handles from the Alameda Antique fair
3. Awesome vintage Typewriter
4. Brass Animals galore!
5. My new cute mini the malachite green!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!


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