Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mad for MADMEN

   {via pintrest}

March 25th cannot come soon enough!

Oh my dreamy Donald Draper (sans smoking). I have been waiting the whole year for the season 5 premier. I'm off this past week taking some time between jobs and I finally cracked open the Christmas present my sister gave to me in order to take some of the edge off my anticipation... MAD MEN DVDs...ALL 4 SEASONS!

If you have not watched mad men...well, you need to. It's good and it's addicting. Plus, DD is not that bad on the eyes.

The fashion is amazing, the women are beautiful & crazy, and getting a glimpse into lifestyle during that time is oh so intriguing. What more can you ask for? So go ahead! give it a shot!

Check out miss Joany!

Isn't she gorg! and when you do get into it, you cant help but watch it with a cocktail in an "appropriate" glass in hand.

Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Running my way to becoming a runner

{running in+heels pics on Sodahead

If you know know...I HATE running!

However, I am so inspired by those that actually DO run.  Inspired by those that never used to run and they started training and they go to all these 5k, 10ks, and marathons. I want that! But whenever I get motivated enough to run, I go for a run and then all of a sudden, I hit this mental block, where I will come up with every reason to make myself believe that I need to stop running and start walking the rest of the way. It can be that I am too tired, or I swear I think I feel a kink in my back, my knee, or wherever. So I stop and walk, and feel good about my decision for all of 5 seconds until I realize that Im not hurting or nauseous. I just let my stupid reasoning get ahead of me. Its this vicious cycle that makes me hate running...because I cant seem to go at it for a long time and get my self over that hump.

Well, anyways, this year, I have decided to make myself....wait for it...A Runner! I know! I really really want to do this and really really want to get over that mental hump and be able to run at least a 5k. That is my goal...well actually my goal is to do 2  5Ks this year (the SF Giants one, and the Disneyland one). I figure I can motivate my self by cool races. If only there was a way to run in cute heels and cute outfits...I may have already been a runner by now =)

If you are wondering about my progress, I am currently on week 2 of my couch to 5k program .I actually do exercise regularly. But running is not a part of my regimen and this program seems gradual enough for me to ease my mind and body into getting used to running. Good news is that I am not feeling demotivated yet!

Do you run? Have you done a marathon?

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My 2012 Manifesto

{Photo credit: me}

In the last post, I asked all of you what you are hoping for in this new year. I know that some people think that you should only have a few resolutions or a few goals so that you feel like they may be more attainable....but I say why?
"Go big or Go Home."

It also helps that I put it in an aesthetically pleasing format, that I just cant help looking at everyday. This folks, is my 2012 Manifesto. I'm posting it here, not just so that I can show you my pretty typography picture...but also, so that it keeps me accountable.

I got the idea from my friend Pauline who has a lovely blog of her own that I follow "The Lipstick Cafe". She found it on Apartment Therapy and I just had to make one of my own. Before, I made the manifesto, I just had my 2012 "to do" list (lame name compared to "Manifesto" lol) scribbled on a sheet in my planner but this makes it look, oh so much more official. Try and make your own! Its super easy...if you are like me, you may not have any fancy graphic designer software or snazy programs like illustrator or what not. I just used power point and made a bizzillion text boxes. It makes it easier to design your rows and style your manifesto. When I was done, I just converted it to a jpg.

I like having a bucket list and I like having goals that are are both typical, like exercising, doing this and doing that, but also having some that touch my life in a more deeper and perhaps spiritual way. My goal is to try my hardest and touch on at least one of these every day. It may sound like a hefty goal...and look like a hefty list, but my real goal is to make sure that every day I try, My Hardest, and at the end of the day, that's what I think counts the most.

Good luck on your manifesto! and here's to a prosperous and blessed new year everyone!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Cozy in our New BLOG Home

Welcome everyone to Lambs & Kings! We are so excited to be here at our new home...we are smiling from ear to ear =)

Are you wondering where Lambs & Kings comes from? I did promise on our former home that I would let you know. Well, I decided to move and to re-brand because I am getting into a new place, a new season in my life...and I wanted this blog to be more personal, more lovely and more of everything that inspires us in all aspects of my life.

Since I have been married, I added my husband's name to my last name. My last name is "Cabrera Reyes" (that's right, two words, no hyphen please!). My last name "Cabrera" in Spanish means a goat/sheep herd, and Daniels last name "Reyes" means Kings. Put the two meanings together and you have Lambs+Kings....This blog is my new last name and it is very special to me.

I have a lot planned that I want to share, and I hope you all keep in touch with us and don't be afraid to make it "official" press that "Follow" button.

Before our next post...let me ask all of you, what are you hoping for in this new year? I'll share with all of you what is on our agenda this year... stay tuned!

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