Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What we love: Little Details

1. Felt flowers

I love all the new alternative Bouquet Ideas I have been seeing. The last post was on vintage brooch bouquets but here are some made out of felt flowers...they are so adorable. YOu can also choose to wear a collection of these in your hair.....did i mention this is a DIY project? check out the "how to" on the Brides Cafe Blog

2. Wicker
{The bride's cafe}
These photos were part of a collection of photos from a wedding in Costa Rica. The wicker adds great texture to the setting and the decor of the event. It totally pulls together the beachy-ness of the style but its so versatile that you can play with it to make it match other themes and styles.

3. Lace Doilies

Especially when they are made into these cute little envelopes. Yet again, another DIY project. Check out the how to...here

4. Wooden Words
Not just any wooden words...these ones called "nuzzles". I love the style and typography as well as how the letters are split into pieces and they link together like a puzzle.
From the Nuzzles website:
"Nuzzles™ are custom designed wooden typographic puzzles handcrafted by John Christenson since 2008, each with its own unique characteristics. Every Nuzzle is crafted from a single block of wood, and the characters interlock with each other in a way that creates a sense of harmony and integrity"

5. Pears

{style me pretty}
A different take on the "candied" apple. such lovely presentation as well.

6. Caligraphy flags
{Southern weddings Magazine}
I know, such a random and precise detail. but I seriously love these little suckers. They are so dainty and cute...adding a little playful-ness yet the calligraphy keeps it classy. Not to mention they make great markers or ways to label items as well as place holders. Instead of personalized napkins with your name and date, you can have straws such as these with flags, so they can go into every one's drink.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Upcoming Trend: Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Ive been seeing these mentioned all over twitter the past couple days so I had to check it out! and sure enough...they are gorgeous. To be honest I haven't seen these before. Vintage Brooch Bouquets...made custom for your wedding!! What a great keepsake for your big day! Imagine incorporating a brooch from your grandma, or mom rather than just wearing or fastening it to your floral bouquet.

There were so many to look at...just google-ing "vintage Brooch bouquet" but I did stumble upon the site of Fantasy Florals (picture above and below) through Brenda's wedding Blog. She does amazing work. You can check out her blog where she talks about her process as well as testimonies from brides. Seriously beautiful stuff!!

I also had to search my beloved "etsy" to see what they had going on in the brooch bouquet department...and they didn't let me down. I especially liked the work and presentation of seller: TheRitzyRose. Some of their work is pictured below.

These gorgeous beauties can range you from a couple to a few hundred dollars...but with how beautiful and unique each one is, it may be worth trying to stretch a few dollars.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inspiration of the day: blue & pink

Taken from my saved archives of pictures I see and save...because i think they are pretty. This is back in September. One of my Fav blogs "Oh Joy" has an occasional series "Closet & Casa" where they put together things from...well...your closet...and casa. After I saw this photo, I wanted to transform it into a wedding board and got my chance when one of my good friends told me that her color choices were blue and berry for her wedding.
BTW...I totally "heart" that gold sequin skirt!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspiration of the day

I cant help but look at these photos and think..."wedding inspiration"
I love the colors, the fetiveness, and to overall vibe of these photos.

Vote for our Photo on Wedzilla

Hi Fellow bloggers and readers!! about a month ago I sent Wedzilla my favorite photo from our wedding and today I find out that they are using the submissions in a poll/contest. We really think our Photog Phil Paik did an amazing job so...of course we want to win!! =)
Please take 5 seconds to vote for our photo pictured above Here on the Wedzilla Blog. We are the 5th one down. Just click on our checkbox and then click vote! Pass it on!! Thanks!!
Just to show you how great Phil did...here are a few shots from the wedding.

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