Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Wedding: Sandra Quintana

I have been waiting to feature this wedding. My old friend from grade school, Andrea surfaced this article from SF style unveiled....It was the wedding of Sandra Quintana, the older sister of our classmate Vicki ( I went to grade school, high school and college with her). I absolutely love the details of her wedding. She is sooo gorgeous and the photography has such great effect.
check out the rest of the article can read up on her vendors, advice for us brides as well as her and Chad's story.
absolutely lovely!!
Thanks Andrea for finding this!!

Wedding Wednesdays: Florida Keys

Love love the colors and the setting <3
and I really want to find out where the BM necklaces are from!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Weddings: Sweet Details

creative sweets are making a huge appearance in today's wedding scenes.....Its not just your typical wedding cake anymore you know?! and my oh my are people getting creative....I always see wedding details that encompass the love of it, candy, cupcakes, cakes, sodas, pies, etc. Above you will see just some of the few ways people are displaying their sweet tooth and sharing it with others.
People are using sweets for favors, place holders, centerpieces, etc. and the presentation is always so lovely!
We have chosen to do a candy and cookie bar at our wedding along with a more traditional wedding cake. Are you incorporating sweets in your wedding?
{photos: 100 layer cake, julie + todd, martha Stewart, Utterly engaged}

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Color and DIY

{photo boards compliments of 100 layer cake}

I think one of the most challenging things for me when I started planning our wedding was picking our colors....That decision has long been made but I do remember stressing about that the most...seriously...that was the most stressed I got. I have lots of favorite colors so that department couldn't really help me in deciding my color scheme. I wanted to be different but still "me" and I went through so many combos trying to find the right fit. I tried finding inspiration boards to help me out and I went to the usuals, the knot, googled, Ms. Stewart, bought hoards of magazines and ripped out pages....yeah it was tough. I really wish I knew about this site/blog "100 layer cake" a while back. She has got a whole section of color inspiration boards and they are not your "run of the mill" palettes. They are all so unique and fun. She also has sections devoted to wedding details, real weddings, and pretty paper along with lists of her favorite topics. Above are some of my favorite palettes that I saw. Check out a ton more of them
Are there any DIY brides out there? I don't think I would consider myself one but I know I will have a few DIY projects that me and my mom will need to churn out. Well if you are contemplating if a project is worth doing....nothing helps decision making more than simply laid out flow charts and decisions trees!! I totally downloaded this and am going to run all our projects through it. This too is also from 100 layer cake...see, I'm telling you this blog is an awesome wedding resource!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Weddings and Parties: Kitchen Vintage

Here is your first Wednesday Wedding =)

Today's wedding wasnt an acutal persons wedding but more of a mock wedding spread. While reading up on Utterly engaged issue #8 online...I spotted this wedding spread in their "Dream in Details section" The goal of the article was to show how you can transform any venue to match the vision that you want for your wedding.

The theme for this wedding was Kitchen vintage. They used reclaimed kitchen items and household things to make the vision come to life and they used pops of color to create that whimsical feeling...I quickly sent this to my sister who is trying to conjur up ideas for our Tea party bridal about perfect inspiration right?

The other wedding they featured in the same venue (a backyard) was modern glam. Check out their e-zine here...I really love their e-magazine because if really focuses on ways to have a great wedding no matter what your budget is.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

San Miguel De Allende

What an amazing wedding...I love every detail of it! and I for sure what a tequilla donkey at our wedding.
This wedding was posted on my friend Melissa McClures Facebook page. She saw it on This Modern Romance; Stephani Williams Photography. Thanks for sharing
Im totally in love with this photo spread....*sigh* <3

{Photos taken by Stephanie Williams Photography.}
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